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1. AGPL has dispatched and built up a web based exchanging administration on the Website (hereinafter alluded to as the "Service").
AGPL has elite and sole discretion to choose the Customers who might be qualified for use, access and advantage out of the Service.

2. AGPL additionally saves irrefutably the privilege and attentiveness to settle on the models for choosing the Customers to participate in the Service offered hereunder.

3. The contribution of the Service is dependent upon the imperative consents, endorsements licenses and some other leeway from the fitting administrative authority viz. Protections and Exchange Board of India, National Stock Exchange of India Limited, Stock Exchange, Mumbai and whatever other applicable position that might be the administrative authority of the Service. The Service offered by AGPL conceives a Customer enlisting as a client.

4. This Service on the Website doesn't comprise a proposal to sell or a sales to any individual in any Jurisdiction where it is unlawful to make such an offer or requesting. This Service isn't expected to be any type of a speculation commercial, venture exhortation or speculation data and has not been enrolled under any protections law of any unfamiliar Jurisdiction and is just for the data of any individual in any Jurisdiction where it might be legal to give such data in any case the equivalent will not be viewed as a data. The distribution of this Service or substance in different purviews might be confined by law and the people who access the Service ought to advise themselves about, and watch any such limitations. By getting to and Surfing this Website, the Customer consents to be limited by the prior impediments.

5. No data market examination, research report, and so forth on the Website is to be interpreted as a portrayal concerning offers, protections or other venture with respect to the legitimateness of a speculation in that under the particular pertinent venture or comparative laws or guidelines of any individual or substance getting to the Website.

6. This Service is given on a "With no guarantees" premise. AGPL repudiate any guarantee of any sort, credited by the laws of any Jurisdiction, regardless of whether express or inferred, concerning any issue at all identifying with the Service, including without impediment the suggested guarantees of merchantability, qualification for a specific reason and non-encroachment. AGPL and the Service and the Offer are dependent upon the purview just of the courts of the Republic of India at Ahmedabad.

7. Use of the Service is at any people, including a Customer's own danger, the information and data given on the Website isn't exhortation, proficient or something else, and ought not to be depended upon thusly. Neither the data, nor any assessment contained in this Website comprises a sales or offer by AGPL to purchase or sell any protections, prospects, choices or other monetary instruments or give any speculation guidance or administration. AGPL or their workers have or may have an exceptional purchase or sell position or holding in the protections, alternatives on protections or other related speculations of backers and organizations referenced in this. The ventures talked about or suggested in the market investigation, research reports, and so on may not be appropriate for all financial specialists. Speculators must settle on their own venture choices dependent on their particular venture goals and monetary position and utilizing such autonomous counsels, as they accept vital. Data thus is accepted to be solid however AGPL doesn't warrant its fulfilment or exactness. The substance of the articles and the understanding of information are exclusively the individual perspectives on the supporters and don't in any capacity mirror the perspectives on AGPL Users are encouraged to scrutinize the articles and other information the Website just as data and to depend on their own judgment when settling on venture Decisions.

8. Neither AGPL nor its Affiliates will be blocked from making any agreement or going into any plan or exchange with the organizations referenced thus or with itself in the normal course of business or from undertaking any banking, money related or office administrations for the organizations or for itself or from endorsing or ensuring the membership of or putting or buying in for or in any case gaining, holding or managing any of the stocks or offers or debentures or debenture stocks or some other protections at all of the organizations or in which the organizations might be intrigued, either with or without a commission or other compensation or something else, whenever going into any agreement of advance or store or some other agreement or game plan or exchange with the organizations or being concerned or keen on any such agreement or course of action or exchange which some other organization or individual would be qualified for go into with the organizations and they will not be in any case obligated to account either to the organizations or any individual visiting or getting to the Website including a Customer of the Service for any benefits made by them in this way or in association therewith and the AGPL or its proprietor or Affiliate will likewise be permitted to hold for their or his own advantage any standard portion of financier, charge, commission, premium, rebate or other pay or compensation permitted to them.

9. AGPL makes no certifications or portrayals as to, and will have no risk for any electronic substance conveyed by any outsider, including without constraint the exactness, topic, quality or idealness of any electronic substance on the Website. AGPL will not be liable for the substance of any connected site or any connection contained in a connected site or any progressions or updates to such destinations. The connections being given to the Customer are just for accommodation and the incorporation of any connection doesn't infer underwriting by AGPL of the webpage, or its substance or the supporting association By giving admittance to different sites, AGPL isn't suggesting the buy or offer of the protections gave by it nor is it a support of administrations gave by its supporting association.

10. The most extreme risk of AGPL to its customers will be dependent upon the measure of charges paid by the customers for the administrations that he/she may have benefited of through the Website or in compatibility of the Offer or the Service.

11. AGPL will not be subject for any distortion, misrepresentation and misdirection or for any absence of accessibility of administrations through the Website, regardless of whether the equivalent are promoted for on the Website.

12. No judgment or guarantee or portrayal is made concerning the precision, idealness, or appropriateness of the substance of different administrations or destinations to which these screens connection, and AGPL will not be mindful therefor.

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14. The Website contains highlights of the administrations that are as of now being offered by the AGPL and those proposed to be offered later on. AGPL means to dispatch the administrations affirming with the highlights recorded on the Website in all, nonetheless, because of business need and administrative necessity the last dispatch may contain varieties. Despite anything contained in the Website with respect to the administrations, AGPL may choose to delay the contribution of the administrations or may even choose to pull back the contribution or even a presently offered administration out and out.

15. This disclaimer will be appropriate to any individual visiting/getting to the Website as well as a Customer going into an understanding identified with profiting of the Service offered by AGPL.

16. The presentation portrayal or references to any items, administrations, distributions or connections on the Website will not establish an underwriting by AGPL of such items, administrations, distributions or connections.